Retailers LOVE Shaidee™

As a retailer, I'm always looking for innovative new products.  When I saw Shaidee™, I immediately knew this was something cool.  I've been working with the founders and am so excited to offer Shaidee™ for sale in my store. - Karen Judd, Owner, Moms to be...and More (Toronto)

Family Doctor Praises the protection of Shaidee™

I highly recommend Shaidee™ because it is everything you want to protect your baby while being active.  By keeping the child close to the parent's body, you maintain an intimate connection, provide protection, and have very little to fuss with.  I always recommend barrier sun protection for infants and children, especially under the age of one.  The Shaidee™ is a safe, chemical free alternative to sunscreen.  Shaidee™ allows Mom and Dad to get outside and do whatever they want to do!  The weather resistant fabric and lightness of Shaidee™ ensures a great carrying experience.  I highly recommend this product.  - Dr. Marc Sawyer, MD - Kitchener, ON

New parents love their Shaidee™

* I just wanted to let you know I received my Shaidee™ shortly after I gave birth to my baby. My husband and I just finished taking turns using Shaidee™ as we went outside for our first walk. WE LOVE IT!!! It is so comfortable and our little baby Dylan is so protected from the sun! We are so impressed with this, and my husband insisted we let you know and thank you. We will be sure to take pictures of us using this, and send them to you. Thank you so much, and we look forward to enjoying sitting by our pool this summer while using Shaidee™. We can't wait for the Shaidee Plus™ acessory to help us protect from mosquitos! - Sarah E.


* I first heard about Shaidee from Mary Anne W. who I believe played golf with you earlier this summer. It's a great and innovative product and stays put much better than a sun hat!  I have worn Shaidee Sun Cover with both my carrier and my sling and I found it very easy to put on with both.  Thank you!  Melissa S.



You deserve a Nobel Peace Prize!

I'm not joking. You have changed my life in the last 2 days! I am so happy to have found Shaidee™! I have lots of pregnant friends who need their own! Many Blessings. - Amy H.


Shower Gifts for New Parents!

The Shaidee is the perfect gift for new parents, as it protects the baby from the sun’s harmful rays, works with almost any carrier and it helps parents accomplish their most important job - protecting their baby.  The Shaidee is now my shower gift of choice for my expecting friends, as it is priced right, designed for the safety of the baby and I do not have to worry about what type of carrier my friends end up purchasing. Thank you for your amazing Shaidee! - Andrea B.


I'm a "Gear Head" and I LOVE Shaidee™

Just writing to say how wonderful Shaidee™ is. I love it!! I'm a Dad (twice) and I'm also a "Gear Head".  I love gear and only want the best for my children.  I was part of the focus groups and I know the amount of effort that has gone into the design of Shaidee™. I’m able to go to the beach and do my walking whereas before I had to go to the gym, put my baby in daycare and hope that she was alright. She always came home with new colds and viruses, now we are both outside enjoying the fresh air and we are together. I have both hands available and can walk holding hands with my toddler. Thank you so much for thinking of this wonderful idea - I will recommend Shaidee™ to everyone I know. - Adam W.


Sun Protection and an Enjoyable Summer!

My wife and I found ourselves searching high and low for baby safe UV protective sunscreen products.  They are so hard to find and the sun can be so harmful.  We are thrilled that we found the Shaidee which allows us the freedom to enjoy the summer walks without having to slather sticky sunscreen on our little one. - Jason A.



I've just received my Shaidee™ and I must say that it is definitely a lifesaver. I've tried hats and booties, but nothing seemed to stay on and protect my baby. My 6 month old is a large baby and in constant motion and Shaidee™ protects her from the sun, yet allows me to get out and get some much needed exercise! You are Amazing - Thank you so Much and I recommend this to ALL Moms. I’m a choosy Mom and If it worked for me it will work for any Mom. - Anik W.

A great present for new parents

Thank you for your amazing Shaidee™!  It is one of the best baby products I’ve ever seen.  I will buy Shaidee™ as a present for all our friends as they become parents.  As a mother of four children, I’m not sure how I survived parenthood without Shaidee™.  I was always concerned about exposing my babies to the sun’s harmful rays and now, with Shaidee™, parents are free to move about wherever they need to – thank you!!!! – Jennifer A.

I can't believe I just found this!

All of my friends are starting to have babies and I was never sure of the perfect gift for their showers. I used to search forever for baby gifts... never knowing if my gift would be useful or not. I have finally found the perfect gift that all of my friends are in love with! Shaidee is in the most ideal price range and it allows me to feel confident that my friends and their babies will be able to enjoy valuable outdoor time together without harmful chemicals shielding them from the sun.
Time Saver. Gift Saver! – Amy A.


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