I met with Danielle Paterson, Executive Director of the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund the other week and we had a conversation that is propelling me to write this blog. Danielle told me the history of the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund and how David Cornfield was a partner at Deloitte (the firm I used to work at).  David was 32 when he died and left behind a loving wife and a one-year old baby.  David was diagnosed with melanoma when he was 29 years old and immediately underwent a year of treatment.  David went into remission, but in the end, Melanoma came back and got him.  David has a story that will touch you and you can read about it here:  http://dcmf.ca/us/david-story written by his wife.

The more I read about this ugly, deadly and fast-moving disease, the more afraid I am of the sun and all of the damage that I have currently done to my skin and more importantly to the skin of the people I love. After speaking with Danielle, she sent me pamphlets that I now display proudly at all trade shows and events I attend – anywhere people will hear this extremely important message and anywhere I can help to educate people on the disease and its very deadly effects.  Let's all get smarter and protect ourselves and our loved ones.  Here is some melanoma info you might be quite interested in: 



  • MOST DEADLY form of skin cancer
  • 2ND most common cancer in YOUNG people
  • INCIDENCES of melanoma are increasing
  • IF DETECTED early, survival rates are 99%
  • HIGHLY PREVENTABLE and detectible



  • 1 BAD SUNBURN before the AGE OF 18 doubles your chances of getting melanoma
  • SNOW reflects up to 80% of the UVB rays and high altitudes increase the UV index
  • WEAR A HIGH SPF sunscreen with extra on the nose, under the eyes, and the tops of the ears
  • LIMIT direct sun exposure (especially in peak times)
  • PROTECT INFANTS from sun exposure to their skin and eyes until they are older than six months



  • KNOW YOUR SKIN and check it thoroughly and often
  • DETERMINE if you have a family history of melanoma as this greatly increases your risk
  • TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR about any new or changing moles, freckles, birthmarks, or pigmented areas – these can be signs of melanoma


These are all very important facts, but they are really just the tip of the iceberg.  We all need to do our part to educate people on the dangers of melanoma and the dangers of the sun. When we see people out in public without any shade or we notice them burning, we need to speak up and tell them to get out of the sun or put sunscreen on.  Just this weekend when I was in Los Angeles, I saw parents and babies alike out in the sun and totally burned.  In today’s day and age, I can’t believe that anyone would let themselves get burned – it is just so dangerous.

Some alternatives for sun protection are sunscreen, long clothing, hats and of course, just being in the shade!  Remember, Shaidee Sun Cover is natural sun protection for both babies and adults.  On the weekend, I discovered a new way to wear a Shaidee Sun Cover – as an adult hat – see the pix below!

For more information on the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund, you can visit http://dcmf.ca and check out http://newfamilyrule.com and on twitter at #newfamilyrule

Here are two videos that I especially love: 

1.   #NewFamilyRule

 2. Dear 16-Year-Old Me

Check yourself, check your friends and check your family.  Life is good.  Let's put a stop to that old saying "Life is Short" because it is and we don't want it to be any shorter! 

Written by Jane Klugman — June 04, 2015

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